Founder and President

Mr. Faisal Yaqoob is the Founder and President of Samaritan's Fellowship Foundation. Throughout 14 years of his professional career, Faisal has served at various key positions in international and national organizations including Vice President of Pakistan's leading Crescent Group of Companies and Managing Director of the Salvation Army Pakistan which works on civil and political rights with a key focus on the protection and promotion of the rights of religious minorities in Pakistan. He holds Master degrees in Business Administration and International Relations. He also serves as a consultant, coach, mentor, and a motivational speaker for various NGOs, FBOs, and CBOs. Over the years, he has emerged as committed, disciplined, and visionary leader. Mr. Faisal has participated in various trainings and courses on human rights and attended conferences in Europe and South East Asia. As a legacy he has trained hundreds other community leaders who mobilize masses to continue his mission relentlessly.